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Improver & Beyond

Guitar Function (Option 1)

At Guitar function our progressive course structure developed by the tutors will allow each student to gain a solid musical foundation, whether or not you have picked up the guitar before. Have fun learning to play along with music by the guitar greats developing your musical ear whilst building a large song repotoire.

Introduction Course

Do you own a guitar? would you like to know just how to make your "Guitar Function"?. The Guitar is the most popular instrument in the world and there have been many great guitar players and musicians over the years, Guitar Function offers many years of teaching experience we offer several different style courses to learn from, which will provide the student with both practical studies and a well rounded insight of knowledge of the guitar as a musical instrument.

There are many directions a student can choose when learning the guitar. We encourage each student too start with what inspired them too pick up the guitar in the first place.

Whether your an absolute beginner or a guitarist that wants to expand there knowledge and technique, there's something at Guitar Function for all guitar students.

• Learn to play complete songs

• Learn to jam and play with other guitarist and musicians

• Explore different styles of music

• Develop rhythm and lead guitar playing


Introduction to the Guitar

• Holding the guitar

• Warm up exercises

• Introducing guitar tablature

• Introducing guitar chords

• Evaluating each students requirements

Exercise Courses

The supporting courses offer a range of tailored tuition to suit any age or experience level with a range of age related songs and different genres for both child and adult

Introduction to the Blues Course

• Learn to play 12 barre blues

• The blues shuffle

• The blues progression

• The blues scale

• Arranged for 2 guitars to play together

• Classic blues riff

• Classic blues/rock scale exercise

• Dominant 7th chord (blues chord)

• Blues turnaround


Nursery Rhymes -

Children's and Beginner Courses

• Learn to play 10 well nursery rhymes

• Easy chords + full chords

• Melodies

• Guitar tablature

• Arranged for 2 guitars to play together

• Sing along


T.V and Film Melodies.

• Learn to play 10 T.V and Film melodies

• Beginner - intermediate tablature melodies

• Variety of lead guitar techniques

• Popular tunes from the 1960's- 1990's


Traditional Songs.

• Learn to play 10 traditional songs

• Full chords

• Melodies

• Guitar tablature

• Arranged for 2 guitars to play together

• Variety of styles

Rock Riff and Solo Course

This exercise course is for more the intermediate guitar player but some riffs could be played by a beginner.

Rock Riffs

This course focuses on well known rock riffs, a riff is a series of notes or chord that are repeated in the song and are recognisable phrases. There are many different types of riffs used some are based around scales, with a lead line feel other riffs have more of a rhythmic feel, depending on both the guitar player and the style of song.

The student will receive a certificate when they can play 25 rock riffs.

Guitar Solos

This section of the course looks at guitar solos, covering a wide range of techniques and styles by learning to play guitar solos like the greats.

• Learn to play 75 rock riffs

• The biggest names in rock

• Melodies

• Guitar tablature

• A wide variety of techniques covered

• Rhythmic riffs + lead guitar riffs

• Popular guitar solos

• Many essential lead guitar techniques

52 Song Challenge

(Play Along Sessions)

The songs have selected to provide both beginner &  improver students a mixture of guitar based songs to study. The course begins with the 1st volume (of 10 songs). The first 3 songs are played with just 1-2 chords!.

Covering highly recommended easy to learn songs whilst developing new skills to play along with the recordings. The 52 song challenge covers a wide variety of genres of music, providing the student with a general foundation and knowledge of some of the biggest names associated with the guitar over the past 50 years!.

Gradually building on the students technique through each of the 5 volumes onto the more complex songs which will require a wide selection of skills to master, with more of an emphasis on the lead guitar part. There is the challenge for the more intermediate player to try and learn a song a week to develop a large song repertoire.

Genres - Learn to Play

Rock, Pop, Country, Folk, Rock & Roll, Blues, Indie 1930's - 2014

• Focusing on both rhythm and lead

• Variety of chords

• Guitar tablature for the lead guitar solo + fills + intros

• Wide variety of techniques covered

• A mixture of both electric and acoustic guitar songs.

• Learn the arrangement to play along the complete song

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