Meet the Tutors

"With over 20 years teaching
experience, confident and enthusiastic
to teach all students, learn what
inspires and interests you"


Guitar Function is a family company made up of two brothers who've been immersed in music ever since they were young gigging on tour with their Dad in a Bob Dylan tribute band. They love teaching and after years of experience playing live and teaching independently, they've pooled their resources and are excited to be working together.


Meet Matthew

My Musical Beginnings

My fascination for music began at an early age listening to recordings and going to as many gigs as i could. I was given an acoustic guitar for my 10th birthday and haven't put it down since. My interest was mostly in Rock as a child (with the big power chords and even bigger hair styles but don't tell anyone)! With this solid foundation, my tastes then broadened and after a few years of playing i started playing bass guitar. I have been learning both instruments even since, along with many other musical instruments and equipment.

Special Area of Expertise

• Acoustic Guitar

• Electric Bass Guitar

• Stick Bass Guitar

• Improvisation

• Studio Preparation

• Studio & Live Performance

• Studio Recording (using Logic PRO & Analogue Desks)

• Song Construction

Teaching Experience

With over 15 years of teaching and playing experience in various countries, including: Europe, America, India and Asia, I am a highly competent musician and teacher with an MA degree in Music and an ‘enhanced’ DBS.

I am skilled in designing lessons for children as well as adults, from beginner to advanced, having taught 1000’s of private 1-1 lessons and group sessions.

Performing Experience

I have been playing live professionally since the age of 14, from solo performance to full 8 piece bands and everything in-between. Folk, Country, Rock, Pop, Funk, Blues and I’m currently gigging with a 1930s-50s Rock & Roll/Swing band. In addition to venue gigs, I’ve also performed at many Festivals and occasionally, when my schedule allows it, fill in to help out other bands on short notice.

Session Musician & Studio Work

I studied Music Technology at college and went on to work as a Music Engineer at Whaus Haus Recording Studio for 5 years where i played with and recorded many great artists. Working in studio is a different experience from playing live, and takes additional skills. These skills can also be applied to your guitar learning or if you already have some musical experience and want to record some tracks, I now offer recording sessions in my studio.




Meet Dominic

How I got Started


I have been playing the guitar since I was 11 years young, with a couple of T breaks in between! I started off with guitar lessons from a local teacher who I visited for quite a few years. He shared with me some of the tricks of the trade. I studied many various styles of music, practicing and learning on both the acoustic and electric guitar.

Professional Qualifications


One of the more significant steps I took, which undoubtedly added a lot of structure to my guitar playing, was to achieve the RGT Grade 8 in 2007. I now regularly have students sitting their RGT exams and it's a great pleasure to see the students develop both their knowledge and practical abilities. I highly recommend both the RGT Electric Guitar and Acoustic Guitar grading qualifications.


I have been fortunate enough to be a guitar tutor for West Sussex County Council in the Adult Education Department at several different schools since 2007, achieving the OCN 3 Teaching qualification. I received training and studied various teaching methods and I have gained a higher awareness of each individual student's requirements and needs.

Teaching Experience


I have always been passionate about learning the guitar and very enthusiastic about teaching it. I started teaching the guitar in 2004 on a one to one basis. I relished the opportunity to teach at WSCC schools. It has given me a great insight into teaching on a professional level and has provided many great opportunities such as teaching a classroom of students and meeting hundreds of students of different ages, abilities, backgrounds and musical tastes.


I have held several workshops focusing on guitar heroes such as Eric Clapton, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles and many other popular artists.  I have studied and taught their music and styles. I have taught several blues workshops on both the electric and acoustic guitar, covering blues techniques such as the blues shuffle, 12 barre blues, the blues scale, the blues turnaround and blues improvisation. I have also run workshops in music theory, focusing on chords, scales, arpeggio's and a whole lot more! I have had regular work with younger students teaching them their favourite songs, covering both pop and rock music.

Performing Experience


I have learnt a lot from the musicians that I have been most fortunate to meet and play with since the early 1990’s. I have played the guitar in several bands, including tribute bands to both Bob Dylan and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, along with several other blues/rock bands, acoustic acts and a series of original performing artists. I offer my relevant experiences to students who play in bands or to the student who wishes to join or start a band.

Session Musician


I have always been interested in recording music. I have spent a lot of time in the studio since 2006, learning a lot of recording techniques, which has taught me further about the guitar and how it works in the studio environment. I have been involved in several projects as a session guitarist, recording with various artists and genres of music, which I found very enlightening. I am currently co-writing and recording our band's debut album and I really look forward to playing the songs live. I have shared these relevant experiences and information with my more experienced students, passing on vital studio techniques, which are of great use in preparation for studio sessions.





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