Guitar Function (Option 3)

RGT Grades 1-8

"Rgt grade exams from one onwards are accredited by the qualifications and curriculum authority and have been placed on the National Qualifications Framework"


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"RGT offers quality exams you can have confidence in"

"A series of books that is widely recognised as the most well structured and fully comprehensive method of studying the electric and acoustic guitar".

"The series provides an unrivalled source of theoretical knowledge and practical insight into the electric and acoustic guitar.


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Gain a music qualification, each book covers the material needed for each RGT electric and acoustic guitar examination, and includes essential advice about preparing for the examination, enabling you to gain an internationally recognised qualification.

Electric Guitar Grades 1 - 8

"The exams are designed to develop the skills an electric guitarist needs to play in a rock band or pop group. Topics covered in the grade exams include: scales, improvisation and lead playing; chords and rhythm playing; specialist techniques; popular music theory and aural abilities. There is no requirement to read traditionally notated music."

Acoustic Guitar Performance  1 - 8

Acoustic Guitar, focuses entirely on the performance of prepared pieces. These officially accredited and internationally recognised exams offer a formal recognition of the specific talents of acoustic guitar players. The exams include options for both fingerstyle and plectrum players.

Electric Guitar

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Acoustic Guitar

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